Anna Schmitt
Rhetoric can be funny … with the right people

I went to one of the cultural series’ lecture events yesterday; I think it was called a ‘panel discussion’ or something technical like that because there were four speakers. I almost didn’t go because I was sick, but I’d been planning on going to this one since last semester, because the speakers were my four favorite professors in the department (actually in the entire school, I think).  I feel like a lot of the writing students secretly want to be best friends with our professors; most of York’s writing professors are just really cool people.

At any rate, I’m glad I went. The discussion about rhetoric and its use across different disciplines was interesting—especially when I realized one of them was talking about something I’d just written a paper on last semester (hah! proof that, once in a while, I can come up with a valid research topic). But my favorite moment was probably when Dr. Yonker started making fun of Dr. Zerbe’s antique cell phone, and then made him take it out to show us what she was talking about. Or possibly it was when Dr. Propen started sharing stories about people who literally get into arguments with their GSP devices. This one sent me and my roommate into a totally inappropriate fit of laughter in our seats near the back … last semester I got into a full-fledged argument with my GPS when the two of us were driving back from a day at the beach. It ended up taking us 45 extra minutes to get home that day. 

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